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Aberstar Fast Freight Credits VehiclePath for Saving its Driver’s Life

Knoxville, TN, July 5, 2012 — Aberstar Fleet manager Richard Wilder uses his GPS fleet tracking system to manage the productivity of his drivers. Last December, little did he know that it could save a man’s life.

Aberstar, an Ontario-based LTL and Expedite freight company that ships goods across the eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada, received a call through its dispatch center alerting them that one of their drivers was experiencing heart attack-like symptoms while behind the wheel of the truck he was operating.

The caller, who was identified as the driver’s son, reported that his father was slurring his speech, experiencing severe chest pains and was disoriented.

The driver had also told his son via cell phone that he had pulled the truck over and was stopped on the shoulder of the road. However, Wilder used VehiclePath to determine the driver’s exact location. Due to VehiclePath’s real-time tracking, the system indicated that the truck was still moving.

Out of concern for driver and public safety, Wilder and his dispatch team had to act quickly.

Working together with the driver’s son, they were able to guide the disoriented driver to the side of the road, placing the truck out of harm’s way. Using the location information provided through the VehiclePath system, Wilder and his team called for emergency assistance in nearby Quebec.

“From the moment the driver’s son alerted us to his father’s condition, to the moment the paramedics arrived took no more than 20 minutes,” explains Wilder. “With the help of VehiclePath, the whole process went quickly and smoothly, the only obstacle being the language barrier since the first responders spoke French.”

The driver was quickly transported to a nearby hospital, where he was diagnosed with a virus that produces symptoms similar to those of a heart attack. Wilder and his dispatch team used VehiclePath to monitor the driverless truck, and immediately sent another driver the next day to recover the truck and its freight. Within three weeks, the stricken driver had made a full recovery and is now back at work transporting shipments.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome,” adds Wilder. “The driver and his family are very appreciative that we were able to pinpoint his exact location using VehiclePath, and quickly direct an ambulance to him. Our drivers’ safety is a priority here at Aberstar, and VehiclePath has clearly played a role in that.”

Wilder also credits VehiclePath GPS with supporting the company’s quest to deliver excellent customer service. “Customer service is about 90 percent of our business, and it’s critical that our customers’ shipments get there when we say they’ll get there,” he explains. “VehiclePath has helped a great deal with our driver communications. Now we can see where a driver might be having some trouble or encountering delays, find out what’s going on and how to work around the issue. Knowing exactly where our drivers are and when they’ve stopped moving has been very useful.”

“We’ve developed the VehiclePath GPS vehicle tracking solution to help our local fleet customers save money through increased efficiencies and better access to real-time business intelligence,” says VehiclePath Vice President and General Manager Gary Schneider. “We didn’t expect for it to save lives as well, but that’s another feature we’ll gladly add to the list.”

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About Aberstar

Aberstar Fast Freight, Ltd. specializes in LTL and Over Night Rush shipments within Ontario and all U.S. areas within a 600 mile radius of Toronto, Ontario. Delivery times range from same-day to three-day delivery, depending on customers’ requirements. All shipments are handled at Aberstar’s home terminal in Mississauga and delivered to the consignee direct. Aberstar is an asset-based carrier giving clients the stability and reliability of its own fleet handling client shipments. Learn more at

About VehiclePath

VehiclePath is dedicated to connecting companies with local fleets to their mobile assets and workforce through game-changing information platforms, giving them the power to manage actionable business intelligence. Inspiring companies with local fleets to reach new heights with its powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based tools, VehiclePath is one of the most cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions on the market, enabling rapid deployment and optimization of local fleets. Learn more at

About Spireon

Spireon, Inc., is at the summit of business intelligence and committed to going higher. Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, the company emerged in 2011 as the industry leading Mobile Resource Management (MRM) company as a result of the merger of ProconGPS, Inc. with Enfotrace and PFS, LLC , the top three providers in the MRM space. Spireon connects companies to their mobile assets and workforce through game changing information platforms, giving them the power to manage actionable business intelligence. Inspiring companies to reach new heights with powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based tools, Spireon provides a sturdy foundation on which to optimize performance.

With leading market positions in the Subprime Automotive Finance industry, Local & Enterprise Fleet Tracking and Trailer & Logistics markets, Spireon, Inc. specializes in developing strong business relationships with leading companies worldwide, enabling it to offer affordable world-class risk mitigation, mobile asset management and location-based services to its customers. Spireon, Inc.’s patented array of GPS products and information platforms provide business intelligence solutions through industry brands for automotive dealers, lenders, service and delivery fleets and transportation and logistics companies. Spireon currently has over 1.2 million active devices in the marketplace and forecasts to deliver 800,000 units in 2012. With offices in North America, Spireon has a proven track record in innovation, customer-focused service, financial stability, powerful vertical distribution networks, and a strong customer base.

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