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Introducing ServicePlus rental program. Affordable GPS Fleet Tracking for your local business.

Gary Schneider

-Gary Schneider, Vice President & General Manager VehiclePath, Fleet Services

We’re all feeling the pain at the gas station… With summer approaching, fuel costs usually rise. Wouldn’t you like the ability to monitor activities that affect your bottom line? Speeding, excessive idling, travel outside of authorized areas, unauthorized use of your vehicles, and fuel theft, just to name a few of the things that can be tracked and monitored.

Many people think that fleet GPS tracking systems are only affordable for larger companies…. and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.
VehiclePath, Guided by Spireon, has become the go-to option that is being used by thousands of small companies across the United States and Canada to track and manage the efficiency of their fleets. Even if you only have a few vehicles for your business, wouldn’t you want to know where your employees are going 24/7, how fast they’re driving, and how long it really takes them to finish their routes and assigned jobs?

Now, you can take advantage of this great solution, and it will be easy on your wallet. We are pleased to introduce a new simple and hassle-free monthly rental program called ServicePlus. For the low price of $24.95 per month, you get everything you need — the hardware, real time tracking, unlimited anytime, anywhere, web-based access and no contract. Because this is a special rental program, you are entitled to receive free equipment upgrades. We have several different rate plans available, proving that with ServicePlus you will never be stuck with yesterday’s technology.

It comes as no surprise that there are other GPS tracking companies to choose from —the marketplace is swarming with them. But, do you really want to be locked into a three-year contract, deal with equipment warranty issues and stuck with old technology? With the ServicePlus program, you get a complete solution. Our business intelligence solutions are innovative and easy to use. Combined with our world-class technical support and excellent customer service, you can’t go wrong. You don’t need to live with unknowns and assumptions. You will have the power to detect and eliminate waste and inefficiencies that can negatively affect your business in many ways.

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