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Next-Generation VehiclePath Introduces Enterprise-Grade Enhancements

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Next-Generation VehiclePath Introduces Enterprise-Grade Enhancements

Richard Pearlman


In today’s tight economy, companies are looking for every opportunity to control costs and drive margins. The best place to start looking: your fleet. With the right GPS fleet management solution in place, you’ll be able save costs, improve efficiencies and productivity, and make faster, smarter, more profitable decisions. The question is: so what is that right GPS fleet management solution for small and medium sized businesses on a limited budget?


Our answer: VehiclePath™ GPS tracking. VehiclePath GPS tracking offers an affordable, simple solution to increase driver productivity, control waste and costs, improve dispatch and operational efficiencies, and enhance customer service. You get all this at the industry’s most competitive price. It’s also easy to use and integrates with Garmin Navigation.

With the latest version VehiclePath GPS tracking now released, companies now have access to a host of enterprise-grade enhancements designed with the needs and challenges of fleet owners in mind.

VehiclePath GPS Tracking Delivers On Fleet Owners’ Demands

The new VehiclePath GPS tracking solution features a completely revamped User Interface (UI) built using feedback directly from fleet customers. Even easier to navigate and understand, the fresh new GPS tracking software more closely mirrors the way fleet managers and dispatch work in their daily operations. Newly added features designed to increase productivity and efficiencies include:

GPS Tracking

Configurable Control Panel
Users can now easily format the system’s control panel to reflect individual preferences and instantly display specific vehicle data most relevant to the person seeing it. What’s more, these preferences stay the same every time the user logs in, saving them the time and hassle of having to reconfigure the displays.

Mini Dashboard
The new mini dashboard provides instant snapshots of vehicle and job status, making it faster to locate vehicles and track their progess.

User Favorites
VehiclePath GPS tracking now includes a highly requested feature that enables users to bookmark and instantly go to favorite dashboards, control panels, geofences (user-defined geographic boundaries), and more. Less searching means more productivity.

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