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ServicePlus: GPS Tracking Meets Pay-As-You-Go

GPS tracking is one of fastest technologies being adopted by small and medium sized businesses with fleets today, and the technology keeps getting better and better.

I know first hand because I’ve been working for the leading company in the Mobile Resource Management (MRM) - Spireon. Spireon hosts more than 1.5 million live subscriptions nationwide, and that number is steadily climbing. As small and medium sized businesses search for ways to cut costs, comply with government regulations and realize ROI, there has been more and more interest in tracking and asset management software solutions.

Whether you operate two or a hundred vehicles in your fleet, VehiclePath is a perfect GPS tracking solution for local and regional companies looking to refresh existing technology or integrate GPS tracking into their daily operations for the first time. And if you just don’t know which solution is best for you, try it first and then decide. 

ServicePlus is a new rental program from VehiclePath that includes GPS Fleet and Asset Tracking combined with an unbeatable payment plan – $99 for three months. There’s no long-term contract and no commitment.

We designed this program to give businesses hands-on experience with VehiclePath’s GPS tracking solution.  It provides you with complete visibility to where your drivers are using real-time business intelligence and it’s presented in simple-to-read dashboards and reports.

And if you worry about how quickly technology changes, you know like the iPhone, don’t, the ServicePlus program includes hardware, service and equipment upgrades. And because you don’t own the equipment, there is no associated cost for repair or replacement of the product, which means that you benefit from a “Lifetime” warranty.

With ServicePlus, we’re able to provide a best-of-breed solution that combines our game-changing information platform with a pay-as-you-go GPS solution.

This new program makes it easier for companies managing their bottom.  There’s a reason it’s called “ServicePlus”. You get all of the great service you would expect from a MRM leader, and then we throw in a little extra for you.

To find out more information about our ServicePlus program, visit here:

I look forward to serving you. 

- Missy Bertron

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