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Become a Reseller/Agent

Revenue continues to grow for vehicle GPS tracking solutions designed for local and small fleets companies, year over year. VehiclePath is specifically designed for local businesses looking for an affordable way to manage and optimize their fleet operations more efficiently. There are no contract commitments, no usage fees, no early termination fees and no transfer fees. The solution is used by companies in the service, delivery, local government and other industries through an exculsive network of resellers and indirect sales programs. If you are interested in becoming a VehiclePath Reseller or Agent, we offer:

  • Marketing support
  • Added- value programs and services to provide to your customers
  • Equipment and service are available in bundled monthly payment program
  • Training at no cost to you
  • Diverse fleet and asset product line
  • Demo program
  • Online sales reports
  • Dedicated, web-based reseller/agent portal
  • Technical and product support
  • Co-op program

To get more information about becoming a vehicle GPS tracking reseller with VehiclePath, please fill out the form to the right and we will get back to you.