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Things Are Getting Personal with Spireon’s VehiclePath

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Things Are Getting Personal with Spireon’s VehiclePath

In M2M, fleet management and GPS fleet tracking can involve significantly complex processes when it comes to delivering quality customer service. Vehicles are constantly on the move, and so a common concern at the top of one’s mind is how workers will procure actionable customer support during a not-so-convenient time.

This is one thing that has made VehiclePath, a product guided by Spireon, so successful in today’s industry. So why have so many companies put their trust in VehiclePath to get the job done? This is specifically due to two things: its ability to optimize vehicle use for cultivating business and providing the best – and most local – customer support and service.


And when we mean local, we mean right there beside you in a completely personalized way.

VehiclePath provides fleet owners with affordable, real-time fleet and asset GPS tracking solutions, generating business intelligence that truly empowers companies to both detect and eliminate inefficiencies associated with their daily operations. Spireon’s web-based solution also provides businesses with GPS tracking tools to help improve overall worker performance, as well as send off vehicles more effectively and cost-efficiently.

The solution is ideal in all scenarios – whether you’re managing a small or mid-sized fleet – and provides the rich data you need to effortlessly track  your vehicle fleet, commercial vehicles, trailers, powered equipment and other assets in real-time.

VehiclePath offers unprecedented visibility into your operations, enabling fleet owners to:

  • Lower operating expenses
  • Detect and eliminate waste and fraud
  • Improve worker performance and compliance
  • Track start and stop times with visibility into such things as driver routes and time stamps for arriving or leaving a job site

The invaluable insight VehiclePath offers can help directly improve and transform certain aspects of operations, including:

  • Speeding
  • Excessive idling
  • Route and schedule compliance
  • Travel outside authorized areas
  • Unauthorized use of company vehicles
  • Fuel theft
  • Billing disputes and write-offs

And best of all, VehiclePath ensures accurate time reporting for billing and payroll, as well as on-time scheduled vehicle maintenance. Spireon is committed to serving the local fleet market, and VehiclePath is strategically engineered by the company’s team of experts to meet and exceed this kind of personalized and required service.

To learn more about VehiclePath, sign up for a free demo today.


Amelia DiMesio
Integrated Marketing Manager

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