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GPS Fleet Tracking Solution to Small Business Challenges – Part Two – VehiclePath

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Solve the Three Most Common Challenges Among Small Businesses with VehiclePath – Part Two

According to the Small Business Administration, half of all small businesses fail within their first five years of operation. After reading this statistic, it’s clear that small businesses face an assortment of challenges. From managing costs to providing first-rate customer service, it’s safe to say that small business owners have a lot on their plates.

The most common problems small businesses face are cost, time management, and a lack of visibility into their daily operations – problems that can become exacerbated if not addressed properly. However, for small business there is a way to optimize vehicle use, reduce operating expenses, and increase visibility with Spireon’s GPS fleet tracking solution, VehiclePath.

In continuing our series on the three most common challenges among small businesses, let’s take a look at another way Spireon’s GPS fleet tracking solution helps small businesses. 

Time Management

On top of paying employees, keeping up with vehicle maintenance costs and rising fuel prices, small business owners must also manage the businesses’ day-to-day operations. When operating on such a small budget, companies are often unable to hire a large number of employees. Due to the inability to hire the right team, business owners often work in the field – whether it’s making deliveries or managing employees on-site – taking them away from the office and causing paperwork to pile up.

With VehiclePath’s GPS fleet routing software, business owners can effectively route the appropriate employee to a job site and plan appointments accordingly. Also, real-time reporting and GPS fleet tracking capabilities help improve worker performance, so you can ensure that employees are making the best use of their time. VehiclePath provides the rich features needed to effortlessly track their fleet and assets in real-time.  Daily, weekly and monthly reporting also helps increase efficiencies and reduce tedious paperwork. 

Check out part three of this series to learn how VehiclePath can help with visibility issues. For more information on VehiclePath, click here.

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