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GPS Fleet Tracking Solution to Small Business Challenges – Part Three – VehiclePath

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Solve the Three Most Common Challenges Among Small Businesses with VehiclePath – Part Three

Running a small business can feel like running a marathon. After preparing for months, or even years, the race finally begins and you are hit with unexpected challenges along the way. The same could be said about operating a localized business, but this time the hills are often harder to climb. Local businesses face an array of challenges from time management to fluctuating costs to employee concerns.

In continuing our three-part series, let’s take a look at how Spireon’s GPS fleet tracking solution helps small businesses increase visibility into their day-to-day operations.

Lack of Visibility

Sometimes it’s difficult for a local business owner to think outside the box and identify areas that need improvement. With a lack of visibility into the daily operations of their vehicles and mobile workforce, business owners may not know that excessive idling is costing them hundreds each week or that unplanned maintenance issues can decrease productivity and slow down business. Even more, how do owners know whether their vehicles or equipment are being underutilized?

The key to providing the best customer service and cultivating business is to optimize vehicle use. With Spireon’s GPS tracking solution VehiclePath, business owners are granted real-time visibility into their fleets through robust reporting that provides valuable information to help identify poor driver behaviors that impact your bottom line and dispatching functions to help effectively route drivers.

Whether you're managing a small or mid-sized fleet, VehiclePath GPS tracking provides the rich features needed to effortlessly, and in real-time, track fleets, trailers, equipment, and other assets. For more information on VehiclePath, click here.

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