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GPS Fleet Tracking Solution to Small Business Challenges – Part One – VehiclePath

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Solve the Three Most Common Challenges Among Small Businesses with VehiclePath – Part One

Let’s face it; building a small business from the ground up isn’t easy. Small business owners are faced with a variety of obstacles, and oftentimes, forced to wear many hats. As a result, half of all small businesses fail within their first five years of operation, according to the Small Business Administration.

Whether you’re a small mom and pop bakery or a family-owned cleaning service, most small businesses face similar challenges – such as cost, time management, and a lack of visibility into their daily operations.

In this multi-part series we will explore the three challenges small businesses face and how Spireon’s GPS fleet tracking solution, VehiclePath, can help companies make better more profitable decisions.


The inability to control costs can add tremendous stress to a small businesses’ bottom line. With rising fuel prices and high maintenance costs, small business owners are forced to do more with less. But rather than sacrificing a part of your business for cost purposes, businesses can identify areas in which resources are being underutilized or wasted.

VehiclePath generates business intelligence that gives companies the power to detect and eliminate costly waste and inefficiencies in their daily operations. For example, the solution’s web-based system provides businesses with GPS tracking tools to help easily and more effectively dispatch vehicles and reduce operating costs.

The solution also offers daily, weekly and monthly reporting and dispatching functions designed to increase efficiencies and help reduce costs by decreasing fuel consumption, maintenance expenses and emissions.

Check out part two of this series to learn how VehiclePath can help time management issues and for more information on VehiclePath click here.

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