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Are You a Small Business? See How Spireon’s VehiclePath Can Optimize Your Fleets: Part One

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Are You a Small Business? Part One

See How Spireon’s VehiclePath Can Optimize Your Fleets:

No one ever said it was easy running your own business. On top of managing daily operations, you are also responsible for your employees, customers and maintaining a healthy bottom line. Talk about stressful. However, there’s a way you can curb stress and optimize your business using a robust GPS fleet tracking solution.  

Spireon’s VehiclePath GPS fleet and asset tracking solution gives you clear visibility into your workforce generating business intelligence that gives you the ability to detect and eliminate wasteful practices and inefficiencies. Think of VehiclePath fleet tracking as an extension of yourself with eyes and ears on all of your assets. The solution offers an array of full-bodied solutions that are innovative, easy to use and affordable. Part one of this series will discuss how VehiclePath's fleet tracking can help small business optimize their fleets with the help of business intelligence.

  • Vehicle Utilization
    VehiclePath optimizes fleet utilization by delivering data on a myriad of specs – such as excessive idling, speeding, maintenance, scheduling and more. Small business owners can gain efficiency by dispatching the closest vehicle while monitoring traffic conditions using the solution’s user interface. This way, valuable resources are not wasted and owners aren’t left guessing or assuming that they are making the right decision.  

  • Worker Performance
    Let’s face it; we all want our employees to work more efficiently and smarter. VehiclePath is a great tool to improve worker performance and compliance. Small business owners can track data – like start/stop times, driver routes, fuel receipts to stops and time stamps – which can then be used to improve productivity. VehiclePath can also monitor a multitude of other activities that can help managers identify what areas need improvement in order to maximize resources and operational costs.

  • Operating Costs
    By improving vehicle utilization and driver compliance, small business owners can significantly reduce operating costs. Most users experience reductions in fuel, labor, insurance and vehicle maintenance costs.

Stayed tuned to Part Two in the series in which we’ll further discuss how VehiclePath can help your small business.

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